Dragon of Tyr


“I have come a long, long way to take the measure of Kalak’s murderers. You are strong. Even if your power is not your own.

Did Tithian tell you about the Dragon’s Toll? Of course he didn’t. Every year the sorcerer kings of Athas offer the Dragon a thousand slaves to do with as he pleases. But his ambition to prematurely complete his transformation into a true dragon had led him to deny me what was rightfully mine.

I should thank you for saving me the trouble of killing the usurper myself. Unfortunately for you, you have allied yourself with powers that the Dragon has sworn to forever banish from this world.

Before I kill you know that it is not my hand that slays you this day but the ambition of another. You are betrayed! For providing me my toll, for informing me of your pacts with the ancient powers, and for crushing Tyr’s democratic ambitions I have taught King Tythian the secrets of draconic transformation.

I am Borys of Ebe, slayer of dwarves and scourge of the gods. Now clerics… pray for death!"


Dragon of Tyr

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