A cannibalistic species of subterranean humanoid discovered in the Citadel of the Three Sisters. Upon investigation and dialog with the trogs it was discovered that they were the last remnants of the gnomes, a mythic race from the Green Age long thought to have been exterminated by the sorcerer king Nibenay.

Until Tyr’s Champions explored the Citadel’s depths the trogs had been locked in a perpetual struggle between the two remaining tribes. The Dra’luk and the Ku’lard tribes shared superficial similarities but were committed to genocidal war against one another based on the color of their eyes. The Dra’luk had purple left eyes and red right eyes, whereas the Ku’lard had the reverse. By accidentally slaying the Ku’lard king Atog before discovering the truth behind this eternal conflict Tyr’s Champions accidentally determined that the winner would be the Dra’luk and their king Gota.

Regardless a deal was struck to spare the Trogs. In return for sparing them the Trogs would continue to guard the Citadel of the Three Sisters, and act as night watchmen for Blackwater Oasis.



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