“Urrgos is a big, shambling, slow-witted brute (put simply, he is a half-giant) who once lived on the outskirts of Tyr. Early on in life, he befriended a quixotic and illfated mad man who gave Urrgos his fixation on ‘‘doing good.” After the tragic death of his mentor and friend, an ethically mesmerized Urrgos entered the decadent city of Athas to right its many wrongs.

Like most half-giants, Urrgos has a long-suffering, patient, and good-natured temper. When sufficiently disturbed, however, he can erupt into violent rage. (Elves teasing him about his half-giant nature count as sufficient disturbance.) Despite his tendency to emulate a specific role-model, Urrgos is profoundly stubborn once he chooses a course of action. He is at once gullible, fiercely loyal, and cheerfully complacent: Urrgos is thoroughly a half-giant."



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