Eramus came to Tyr’s dusty alleys to seek refuge from his gladiatorial life in Urik. The brutal city of Tyr seemed refuge indeed after the bloody crucible of Urik’s arena. There, Eramus was a slave and novice gladiator. Slavery had its draw-backs, but being ordered to kill (or die) for others’ profit and amusement convinced Eramus to escape. Slipping away from his master’s villa, he fled to the wastes. A perilous journey brought him to Tyr and taught him much of the lands between the cities. Since arriving in Tyr, Eramus had hidden out, setting his skills to various and highly questionable jobs.

Now Eramus carefully chooses his work. He dislikes killing—, especially killing for profit—, and he despises slavers and their ilk. When he encounters a brawl, Eramus customarily sides with the weak or helpless. Indeed, his sense of justice has even pitted him against the powerful templars of Tyr. Though Eramus lightly dismisses the hardships such adventures cause, he is in no hurry to die.

Eramas projects an impulsive, devil-may-care attitude that borders on rash foolishness. Unless dissuaded by friends, he flies into a rage over slight offenses and attacks with fists and words. For those who can tolerate such idiosyncrasies, Eramus proves a loyal and fearless friend.



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